Added value
WAT & LAW is a law firm of

solicitor and avocat

dedicated to the enhancement of

public and private assets

within international and domestic projects.

Driven by its dynamic entrepreneurship, WAT & LAW takes a focused approach in the sectors of




, natural resources and energy, as well as sponsorship, foundation and society related thereto.

Drawing upon extensive company experience,


combines market knowledge and proficient command of all

legal issues

in your field of work.

Acting as a legal strategist, WAT & LAW supports its clients in the implementation of theirs ambitions.

WAT & LAW, a multi-cultural company, advises in French law and English law. Besides WAT & LAW has developed significant partnership through its network in Mercosur as well as in OHADA countries.

WAT & LAW guarantees the utmost respect of code of conduct and ethics. It strives for high added-value services and tailored solutions to each individual’s issues and warrants availability and responsiveness in a mutual respect with its clients.